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“”While I was on a business trip in New York for two weeks, someone had broken into my home here in Huntington Beach. When I got word, I was still out of state. I called around locksmiths locally, and I eventually got in touch with Advanced Lock Solutions. I agreed on a good price with them, and my land lord supervised the technicians repair my locks and door. I payed them with my credit card over the phone, and the transaction went through smoothly. I was charged exactly how much they quoted, and I never had any excess charges. I fully trust these guys, and recommend them to anyone.”

- Jonathan K.

“I lost my only set of keys for my Pontiac G6, and was locked out of my car at the mall. I called around for local locksmiths to get a lock out and key made service. Advanced Lock Solutions was the first technicians to arrive, and they we gave the lowest quote. I got back in my car with my new key in less than half an hour! I thought getting a car key made would take forever, maybe even a day. I was surprised to have they key in the ignition only 45 minutes after giving you guys a call! I hope this testimonial helps out, because you guys helped me.”

- Linda S.

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