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        Advanced Lock Solutions is the number one mobile locksmith in Huntington Beach. Our company is known for their quick arrivals, low prices, and our great customer service. Advanced Lock Solutions is here to help you with all of your locksmiths needs in Huntington. Whether you are moving into a new home, moving your business to a new office, lost your keys, or just need to open a door, your local Advanced Lock Solutions is here to help.

        We have customers solutions to all of their locksmith needs and have answers to any questions you may have no matter how unique the requirements are. Our highly trained and certified technicians are quick and equip with the latest modern technology to meet any locksmith needs the customer may have.

        Because we offer a mobile service, we are able to cater to hundreds, even thousands, of customers in the greater Los Angeles area. We have multiple locksmith technicians that cruise the city in their fully equip and operational vans. They carry around with them all the equipment and supplies they could ever need to take care of multiple lock and key issues in one day.

        Give us a call whenever you have a lock emergency, or if you are planning on having a large lock and key project done. We service it all!

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Advance Lock Solutions    (714) 916-5739    Goldenwest Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648